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These Four Insights Will Help Stakeholders Gain Ground in the Talent War

From unemployment rates to remote work to a shift in workers’ priorities, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the talent attraction landscape, perhaps indefinitely.

With nearly two open jobs for every unemployed individual, employers and their stakeholders need to understand what job candidates’ priorities are when searching for jobs and locations. Our most recent national talent research study produced these key insights:

  • Quality of life is key. Communities and employers should show not only how talent could enjoy a better quality of life in their location, but also address practical factors such as cost of living and the housing market.
  • Your digital footprint is their first impression. As the pandemic limited the ability to travel, people turned to social media and internet research to gain a first impression of a community. Provide the best digital picture and narrative possible.
  • Variety is the spice of life. While the rise of remote work is real, not everyone wants to work from home all the time. Make it as easy as possible for people to find opportunities that fit their preferences.
  • Upskilling is a carrot. People are willing to relocate for access to training. Make those opportunities as visible as possible both to talent in your backyard and external candidates.

The labor market has undergone substantial changes since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Staying on top of research that points to worker priorities and industry trends is crucial to winning the talent war.

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Gecko Robotics Leads Region’s Startup Funding Rounds for 2022

Though 2022 is only three months old, there’s a new leader in the Pittsburgh region’s startup world: Gecko Robotics announced the close of its $73 million Series C funding round, the largest so far this year and one of the most lucrative funding rounds for the region in several years, according to Pittsburgh Inno.

The company, which makes robots that can climb critical infrastructure components too dangerous for humans and inspect those components for damage, won investment from New York-based XN; San Francisco’s Founders Fund, Snowpoint Ventures and XYZ Venture Capital; and Drive Capital from Columbus, Ohio.

Gecko is headquartered in Pittsburgh and maintains offices in Texas, New York and Boston as well as Europe, where it hopes to open a new office in the Netherlands.

Chief Executive Officer Jake Loosararian said the company is committed to developing the Pittsburgh region’s robotics and engineering talent.

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“We’re dedicated to building, especially the robotics, engineering talent, in Pittsburgh … we have amazing, amazing people, amazing culture in Pittsburgh, and I am excited to double down on that and see what Pittsburgh can be if we invest in it.”

Gecko Robotics CEO Jake Loosararian on the recent announcement of the close of a $73 million Series C funding round
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What do workers want? Here are some key research insights.