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Pittsburgh: Financial Services and Fintech Hub

Pittsburgh is at the heart of financial innovation. Here, companies have been pioneering digital banking solutions from long-standing financial institutions to cutting-edge blockchain technology. Pittsburgh is not just witnessing the evolution of the financial service industry, we’re driving it forward.

For over 150 years, Pittsburgh has proudly served as a cornerstone for corporate and financial excellence. The region caters to a diverse economic landscape including advanced manufacturing, energy, life sciences and robotics and AI. Today, the legacy continues as Pittsburgh cements its position as a fintech hub and global leader in financial technology.

At the center of modern banking, Pittsburgh is home to distinguished financial service companies. You’ll find PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., ranked as the sixth-largest retail bank in the United States. Alongside PNC, there’s BNY Mellon, which has its largest global workforce stationed right here in Pittsburgh. All this solidifies our region’s stature as the preferred headquarters for esteemed financial institutions.

Join us at the forefront of financial evolution in the fintech industry. Choose Pittsburgh, where tradition meets innovation and where we forge the future of finance.


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Pittsburgh’s Long-Standing History of Financial Leadership

Pittsburgh has been fostering successful partnerships with leading financial institutions for over 150 years. Our legacy dates back to the heyday of industrial expansion. While, in recent years, our financial services and fintech ecosystem has evolved to meet the demands of an ever-changing economic landscape.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled Pittsburgh to the forefront of the financial services and fintech market. Traditional financial institutions know us as a reliable partner and strategic hub in today’s complex financial landscape. Read on to discover the leading finance companies in Pittsburgh.

The BNY Mellon building located in Pittsburgh’s financial center

BNY Mellon

Serving as a global operations hub and strategic site, the Pittsburgh office employs over 7,000 people. This makes Pittsburgh the largest employment center in BNY Mellon’s global footprint, which spans from Asia and Australia to Europe and Africa.

The First National Bank in Pittsburgh
 First National Bank

First National Bank (FNB) has grown substantially since relocating its headquarters from Hermitage, PA, to Pittsburgh. The bank has grown from $14B in assets to more than $45B. Its expanded from 286 branches in four states to 350 branches in seven states and the District of Columbia. FNB is currently building its new $230M headquarters and mixed-use office tower in downtown Pittsburgh.

Huntington Bank Regional Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA
Huntington Bank

Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, a $189B asset regional bank holding company, has regional headquarters in Pittsburgh. It also operates its artificial intelligence (AI) fund for fintech investments out of the Pittsburgh office. With over 40 branches in the 10-county region, Huntington is Pittsburgh’s seventh-largest bank by deposit market share.

PNC Corporate Headquarters, located in the heart of Pittsburgh

PNC is one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States. With assets of more than $550B, PNC has a presence in all 30 of the country’s largest metro markets, including New York, Boston and San Francisco. PNC is the sixth-largest retail bank in the country and one of the region’s largest employers. The LEED Platinum–certified Tower at PNC Plaza is one of the greenest office buildings in the world.  

Future-Focused Fintech Companies in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh region is a global fintech hub. Businesses and their stakeholders looking to relocate or expand will find a dynamic insurtech and fintech community here.

With a skilled talent pool, top-tier incentives and a supportive regulatory environment, this region drives fintech innovation and the industry’s future forward. The Pittsburgh region is home to notable fintech companies and startups.

The Affirm payment and lending platform interface

Created by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Affirm is a fully integrated payment service and lending platform. Affirm has a global network of merchant vendors allowing for increased consumer access. Once a small fintech startup, Affirm has become a leading buy-now-pay-later service. Over 17 million people worldwide use the platform for everyday purchases.

Wallet Card, the smart card designed to replace carrying multiple cards, was designed in Pittsburgh

Dynamics creates intelligent, battery-powered cards that store several different payment profiles. The company designed the Wallet Card, their signature product, to reduce fraud risk. This one card reduces the number of cards you have to keep in your wallet. They are compatible with debit, credit, one-time use or loyalty programs.

Financial technology leaders working at Numo

This fintech incubator launched by PNC builds customer and enterprise software. Recently, numo launched an award-winning tool, indi, that handles mobile banking, tax savings and expense categorization for gig workers.

The Pineapple Payments headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA
Pineapple Payments

Pineapple Payments provides proprietary payment processing and omni-channel payment acceptance tools for merchants of all sizes. Its core product, Transax, is a payment platform distributed by resellers worldwide. Fiserv acquired the company, but Pineapple still retains its brand and employees.  

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