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We’re a community of innovators, builders and makers determined to solve the world’s toughest problems.

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We embrace the authenticity, curiosity, passion and collaboration of those who live and work here.

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Next is now.

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Accessible Opportunities

Companies and individuals build here. Our doors are wide open to make that happen. Access networks of influential leaders and groups without barriers and have an immediate impact.

Build the Future

“I grew up in Brooklyn and worked in D.C., but I came to Pittsburgh because it’s a place where problems are solvable. It’s a place where my actions have impact.”

Lindsay Powell
Assistant Chief of Staff to Mayor Bill Peduto, City of Pittsburgh

Arts, Culture for Everyone

Explore the Pittsburgh region's 32 world-class museums and enjoy amazing cuisine in the #1 food city in America (Zagat).

Live More in Pittsburgh

The region's job opportunities, cost of living and job satisfaction rank near the top, according to Glassdoor.

Our People Have Purpose

One of our greatest assets: Purpose-driven people. Pittsburgh is large enough for bold pursuits to matter globally and small enough for purpose-driven work to gain momentum.

Achieve Your Purpose

“I’m passionate about two things: tech and elevating my communities, historically underserved populations in the tech space. I have a platform to bring recognition and amplify funding opportunites to great Black, LGBTQIA, women, and POC founders in the startup world. There's work to do and my goal is to help make Pittsburgh a thriving and inclusive tech community. That drives me every day.”

Jenn Van Dam
Director of Community, Genius Guild


The free language-learning app founded and headquartered in Pittsburgh is valued at over $1 billion. It aims to make language learning across the world as accessible as possible.

Day Owl

Every bag Day Owl manufactures is made out of post-consumer recycled bottles from countries like Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan, where Day Owl is putting people first in its transparent supply chains.

Natural Setting, Sustainably Built

We’re like a city inside a national park. Rolling topography, timeless architectural wonders and some of today’s most sustainable structures. We build organically and respect the natural world.

Airport Microgrid

Pittsburgh International Airport is building a first-of-its-kind microgrid fueled in part by the airport’s own natural gas and eight acres of nearly 8,000 solar panels.

Redefining the Future

“As a global leader in resiliency, Pittsburgh is a place where you not only envision a sustainable future, but you make it a reality. The region’s culture of innovation helped to fuel our plans to become the first major U.S. airport powered by a microgrid.”

Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburgh International Airport


Phipps, a Living Building Challenge winner, is home to one of the the greenest buildings in the entire world, blurring the lines between the built and natural worlds as a model for what our future looks like.

Photo Credit: Phipps Conservatory

Fresh Air

Visit 15,000 acres of public parks and green spaces in the urban core and 13 state parks around the region, bike 24 miles of riverfront trails that connect car-free to Washington, D.C., ski in the mountains. The distinct natural character creates an environment of discovery for adventurers, wanderers and builders.

Solve the World's Toughest Problems

Our region applies ingenuity and creativity to materialize big ideas that transform the real world. Pittsburgh is an innovative hub for tangible outcomes changing the world.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo AI, founded and grew his self-driving car company in Pittsburgh, where the business is funded by Ford and Volkswagen.

Global Problems, Local Solutions

“When we founded Argo AI, we knew our headquarters would be based here (in Pittsburgh) and we’re embracing this new generation of engineers and scientists who are both discovering the region’s energy and fueling it.”

Bryan Salesky, Co-Founder and CEO, Argo AI


Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute is the #1 robotics school in the world (U.S. News & World Report).

Photo Credit: Carnegie Mellon University


The University of Pittsburgh and its medical school have uncovered a potential vaccine for COVID-19 and are working to test it.

The Future of What’s Next

Pittsburgh is a testbed and proving ground for world-shaping technologies and innovations. A collaborative and supportive community that’s investing in a future for all, the region gives companies and individuals the opportunity to incubate and accelerate ideas that will define tomorrow.

Own the Future

“The future? At Bosch, we see the future as an ecosystem where startups, global corporates, and entrepreneurs collaborate, fueled by the best talent from around the world. That ecosystem – that community – is here. It’s not just in Pittsburgh, it is Pittsburgh.”

Chris Martin
Director of Engineering and Research and Development, Robert Bosch LLC

Venture Capital

More than 270 unique VC firms, angel groups and strategic investors from around the world invested in Pittsburgh companies in the last five years.

Additive Manufacturing

A hub for additive manufacturing. We’ve got global corporate presences, startups, powder providers, industrial 3D printers (like ExOne, above) and talent, talent, talent.

Globally Realized, and Recognized

The brightest minds in today’s leading industries call this place home. Global leaders are clustering in the Pittsburgh region because they recognize the difference and realize they want to be a part of it.


One of the hottest companies in the world, Zoom, recently selected Pittsburgh for one of its U.S. engineering hubs.


Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Frank Lloyd Wright’s most recognizable work exemplifies the Pittsburgh region’s natural beauty and the efforts we embody to preserve it.

Photo Credit: Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Global companies want to establish a presence in the Pittsburgh region because they are thinking about their future success. Even outside the city, our 10-county region opens doors of opportunity for all types of industries.

Make sure you are a part of what is next in Pittsburgh!