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How We Can Help with Pittsburgh Economic Development Projects

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance is your partner for exploring your next project or expansion. As a nonprofit economic development agency representing the 10-county Pittsburgh region, we offer a range of services to help you assess and launch your operations successfully. 

More specifically, we help companies at various stages of the location decision-making process. This includes help with economic research and data, access to talent partnerships, information about funding opportunities for development and site visit planning and execution. We can provide information on commercial real estate listings in Pittsburgh while also providing contacts that specialize in the space. Our services are complimentary, as it is our responsibility to oversee Pittsburgh’s long-term economic growth of the region. 

Our Focus Areas

Ribbon cutting ceremony at BCI Steel, one of many Pittsburgh economic development projects

Business Expansion Strategies & Attraction

As the lead entity responsible for working with private industry outside the region to facilitate Pittsburgh’s economic development activities, we provide valuable services to inquiring companies at no charge. 

  • We provide market research and data to assist in relocation decisions 
  • We identify real estate opportunities and facilitate site searches and visits 
  • We connect companies with business service organizations and public partners 
  • We connect companies with talent pipeline organizations 
  • We navigate local funding and incentives 
A group of students and young professionals getting a tour of Pittsburgh's Robotics Row

Talent Growth & Attraction

Companies exploring the Pittsburgh region rely on having a strong pool of skilled talent to draw from, including graduates from top institutions like Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh. That’s why we help nurture and lead various talent retention and attraction initiatives to keep southwestern Pennsylvania globally competitive as a business location. 

  • We partner with trade and academic community development initiatives to increase the pool of local talent in growth sectors including robotics and manufacturing 
  • We spearhead marketing efforts to attract and retain in-demand talent and work to equip businesses and employers with the tools to attract new graduates, foreign and diverse talent and high-demand talent
  • We attract leading organizations and trending companies that cultivate a vibrant, innovative and inclusive environment for professional talent in the region

What we offer

Pittsburgh Regional Alliance Support 

  • Facilitate real estate search and discovery 
  • Connect to university and talent partners 
  • Source economic research and data 
  • Organize strategic visits and meetings with key stakeholders

Our Partnership Network

  • State and local economic development organizations  
  • Real estate developers, owners and brokers 
  • Regional and state funding and incentives providers 
  • Talent agencies and workforce programs 
  • Key industry stakeholders and associations 

Looking for PITTSBURGH Commercial Real Estate?

Our team can help you find the perfect open space for your business. There are ample industrial sites, redevelopment zones and office spaces available throughout the region, including areas in the city of Pittsburgh like the Hill District, Lower Hill District, Lawrenceville, North Shore, Oakland, East Liberty and the Strip District, as well as Uptown, Downtown Pittsburgh and the greater Allegheny County. Find the right space to reach your customer base, develop your products or services and bring your business plan to life. 

Reach out to one of our team members or contact us below.

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