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Landing (independently) on the global ecosystem stage

Do you have independent evidence?

Because that is what it takes to receive recognition globally for growth and for the potential to grow, especially in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Without independent evidence, the notes from “tooting your own horn” travel only so far, and even if they reach the ears of potential investors, companies and entrepreneurs, the validity of those notes may sound off key.

Last week, the Pittsburgh region received a solid piece of independent evidence from Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurial Network. The region ranked as the 23rd emerging ecosystem globally in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report. This report for startup ecosystems – like the U.S. News & World Report rankings of universities – is the gold standard, which is a great analogy made by Sean Luther, executive director of InnovatePGH, on the importance of being selected for one of the few top spots.

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Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem: now on the map with global ecosystem leaders

What are the strengths, assets and industries that landed the Pittsburgh region on the Global Startup Ecosytem Report (GSER)?

On September 22, Startup Genome, Innovate PGH, Innovation Works and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance published the 2021 edition of the GSER. Pittsburgh is heavily featured in this preeminent report on advancing startup ecosystems, ranking as the #23 Emerging Startup Ecosystem Globally. 

Innovate PGH, Innovation Works, and Pittsburgh Regional Alliance worked closely with Startup Genome to highlight Pittsburgh’s strengths against ecosystems around the world. Pittsburgh fared quite well and was named a Top 30 North America Ecosystem and Top 20 Global Emerging Ecosystem in Funding which measures innovation through early-stage funding and investor activity. In fact, Pittsburgh created $5 billion in Ecosystem Value with $180 million in total early-stage funding over the last 2.5 years.

Read more from Tricia Whitlock, COO of Startup Genome, on the reasons why the region made the report, which is one of the most widely-read, independently reported resources in the world on startup ecosystems.

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“[Pittsburgh] is a place that champions creativity, takes a chance on world-changing ideas, and positions new companies for success.”

Ilana Diamond, Managing Director, 412 Venture Fund
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