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Leading the world in brewery diversity and inclusion

Name the place with these qualities: Outdated reputation. Not on a coast. Unusual high amount of quality beer. Diversity in the brewing scene.

Give up?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

You wouldn’t suspect it, but you should.

The Pittsburgh brewing scene is leading the way for remaking the beer industry that truly values, promotes and acts on inclusivity. From the biggest and first Black beer festival in the world (Barrel & Flow, formerly Fresh Fest) to the Pittsburgh Brewery Diversity Council to She Knows Beer, there’s change in the air, on the ground and in the beer. Check out the people and the community taking the lead.

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Digital Helathcare

Digital Health: Tools to Improve Access to Care

Medicine has always been in search of the next invention or innovation. Some of these, like the polio vaccine and leading the world in organ transplant, were developed and perfected right here in Pittsburgh. But it is the rise of consumer-focused digital health tools is most exciting when considering the future of health care. And once again, Pittsburgh is leading the way, thanks to its unique position as incubator for both healthcare and technology companies.

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Pittsburgh’s deal flow is competing with the deal flow on the West and East Coasts – enough for investors to pay attention to our city and spend their cash here.

Catherine Mott, CEO & Founder, BlueTree Venture Fund
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Finding diversity leadership in unexpected places