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The reasons the US – EU Trade and Technology Council were in Pittsburgh

An international delegation comprising the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council met as a group for the first time last week. Can you guess where they met? We will give you one (and only one) wild guess! 

Yes, Pittsburgh. 

With technology development and manufacturing as an international concern, the region as a backdrop is more than just a symbolic gesture. 

With competitive strengths in talent and research & development; industry concentration for some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies in AI, machine learning, robotics and manufacturing; and significant business ties and trade volume with the EU, the Pittsburgh region is a tangible example of the real economic opportunity that results from close international ties. 

Learn what happened, and why it happened, by reading more. 

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With curiosity, trucking leader PITT OHIO answers the call: “what more can we do?”

Adapt to change and you will survive. Is that a business mantra? For some, yes. Others? Probably not.

In an industry like trucking, which is ripe for innovation, the thinkers who are passionate, curious and constantly asking the question “what more can we
do?” will push business forward.

Adapt to change in the trucking industry and the business will not only survive, it will – dare we rhyme – thrive.

What exactly does this look like in the trucking industry? 

PITT OHIO, a regional leader in truck load, logistics and supply chain, is rewriting what it means to be a trucking company through its investment in innovation and sustainability. The company takes this seriously, moving beyond the buzz words and investing in microgrids, solar arrays to power its terminal facilities (and redistribute back to the grid), wind turbines, university partnerships, battery storage and fleet technology to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

There’s a lot happening at PITT OHIO, read more from its COO Jim Fields in our latest Next is Now blog.

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