Three Cities Competing


First of its kind pitch event: Pittsburgh-Columbus-Indianapolis

The competition for talent is no longer simmering. In fact, it’s boiling over.

Before the pandemic, talent was at the front of everyone’s minds. Now, as the pandemic recedes, cities, regions and states across the U.S. are competing like never before. Talent now has more leverage, as remote work has established itself as a norm and talent now can choose where and how to work. 

That brings us to the head-to-head competition. One America Works brought together over 300 people to listen to pitches from Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indianapolis. Each destination pitched the audience on why they should consider living and working in their metro. 

The results? You’ll have to click below to find out.

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Celebrate in style. Pittsburgh style, that is.

A snapshot of celebrating the Fourth of July in Pittsburgh: 

Boats on three rivers. The Point State Park fountain keeping you cool. A Pirates’ ballgame at the best stadium in baseball (that would be PNC Park). Fireworks above one of the most picturesque cities in America from the companies that have made our region the “Fireworks Capital of the World.” 

We are celebrating this year, of course, and we are doing it Pittsburgh style.

Check out what the region has cooking this holiday weekend.

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Our team is working around the world and around the clock to be the next major success story in Pittsburgh’s … rich history of the life sciences.

Theresa Whalen, CEO, CytoAgents

The competition for talent is hot