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Inclusivity in Startups Begins at the Foundation

Early-stage companies have an opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors by building a more inclusive workforce from their inception.

To do this, they need to be intentional about defining the company culture from the onset, because an inclusive culture will determine how the team interacts, behaves and operates. Startups that commit to inclusivity are more likely to attract and retain talent, putting themselves in a position to catalyze growth.

Founders need to build a pipeline of inclusive and diverse stakeholders well before starting the company, if possible. They should be transparent about what they are trying to accomplish.

An inclusive search process starts with a diverse group of people involved in the decision-making process. Some founders may want to consider using a staffing contractor who specializes in this area.

Once the company is operational, it’s critical that leaders maintain the inclusive culture with the help of team-building exercises and trainings.

Though the process of building true inclusivity takes effort, it will ultimately pay off by allowing the company to reach true scale and deliver a much stronger impact.

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Shining a Spotlight on Pittsburgh Region’s Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Representatives of America Makes, a public-private partnership focused on additive manufacturing, say the Pittsburgh region may be unrivaled by any other location in North America for its development and production capability in that sector.

John Wilczynski, America Makes’ executive director, and John Barnes, a member of its executive committee, recently toured the Neighborhood 91 additive manufacturing campus at Pittsburgh International Airport.

They say having a single location that serves as a resource for additive manufacturing will help solve one of the industry’s biggest challenges, which is awareness. All the components needed for the supply chain are available throughout the region, they said.

Wilczynski and Barnes note that additive manufacturing can solve problems ranging from cost to performance to supply chain, and the industry needs to help educate companies about its benefits.

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“We are proud to share what our dedication and investment into Monaca has accomplished so far. Manufacturing in the Monaca plant has proved to be the right approach for Stoelzle. North America represents one of the most important markets for the liquor and spirits industry globally [and] it is increasingly necessary for brands to have cutting-edge glass bottles that will meet rising consumer expectations.”

Stoelzle USA President August Grupp on this Austria-based company’s first anniversary in Beaver County.
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How startups can program inclusivity into their DNA