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Region’s Brand Focuses on Building Momentum in Second Year

A little more than a year ago, the Pittsburgh Region. Next Is Now. brand was launched, capturing the human-centric element of pride that is a common thread in the 10-county Pittsburgh region.

With the brand now into its second year, the focus has switched to building momentum by talking about Pittsburgh’s impact on the world. Whether it’s robotics, artificial intelligence, energy, or other of the region’s strengths, the Pittsburgh Region. Next Is Now brand showcases not only the transformation of the region, but also the world because of the region.

The brand is investing in digital content to share success stories, which already is bearing fruit on social media channels – particularly LinkedIn, the platform most tied to businesses, prospective companies and talent.

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Post-Pandemic, Pittsburgh Region is Bouncing Back

Though the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us, the Pittsburgh region is starting to regain its pre-pandemic momentum.

In 2020, 171 Pittsburgh tech companies raised $993 million in investments, the second-best year for total investments in the past decade, and the transition to virtual events and meet-ups has actually helped accelerate outside investment.  What’s more, as many workers have demonstrated the ability to perform at a high level remotely, companies have gained flexibility in where they can set up offices and locations and where their talent lives.  In a world that’s been redefined by the pandemic, there are new interpretations for how success is defined.

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“I don’t think we could have successfully started Diamond Kinetics anywhere but Pittsburgh. The unique mix of technical talent from our universities, a strong early stage company support ecosystem, and a city that is tremendously passionate about sports has created the perfect environment for a company like Diamond Kinetics to grow.”

CJ Handron, Co-Founder & CEO, Diamond Kinetics
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Pittsburgh Region. Next Is Now. enters second year