A Fortune 500 Summer

The HQ vibes from the Fortune 500 list: what does it mean?

The anticipation builds annually for the one HQ list that rules them all: the Fortune 500. 

After a year of turbulence and seismic societal and economic shifts, reading the companies on Fortune’s list may bring a sense of stability for those attuned to the business world. Many of the names are familiar stalwarts, and while business strategies, tactics and performance may have altered dramatically, the list indicates that the corporate world largely has a steady foundation in place.

A few new names have joined the list. However, despite all of the media attention earlier this year to the meme stock companies like GameStop and AMC (no, they have not joined the Fortune lists…), the new additions shouldn’t surprise anyone, including the Pittsburgh region companies appearing here.

In total, 15 Pittsburgh-based companies place on the larger Fortune 1000, with nine landing on the Fortune 500. 

We’ll play the guessing game now: can you name the Pittsburgh-based company that rose 31 spots on the Fortune 500 with an 11.2% growth in revenue last year? This company just completed a gigantic acquisition to make it the 5th largest organization in its industry.

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When I first came out of the [Fort Pitt] tunnel and saw that skyline and went across the river on those bridges, I became immediately enamored with Pittsburgh for its beauty. . .

Ryan Sims, Vice President of Design, Duolingo
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