A time to imbibe: a summer like none other

The anticipation of summer is an annual ritual: The countdown of school calendars; the weather heating up; pools unsheathed; wearing white after Memorial Day; the inevitable beading of condensation on your refreshing afternoon beverage.

The anticipation for this coming summer is unlike any before, though. We can blame (thank?) the pandemic for this unrivaled, bottled up energy. Coupled with restrictions easing and the approach of herd immunity, we are on the cusp of celebrating. 

The Pittsburgh region is ready to start the celebration. 

Let’s check in on what’s trending for summer. 

School is out, but talent isn’t
So. You’re an intern or newly hired employee looking for a way into a city’s professional network, where employers open their doors to their offices and where leaders and hiring managers are accessible? 

Recent summers in Pittsburgh are reliable for meeting this search through the Pittsburgh Passport. The nationally recognized program provides interns and young employees access to these networks. The goals: Meeting people, scoping out exclusive meetups and events at places like the Andy Warhol Museum, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive museums dedicated to one artist (he’s a native Pittsburgher), and finding out what opportunities are out there. Hey, you may even find your next job.

Food is back
Let’s just say it’s time. It’s time to get back to enjoying restaurants. (And it’s time to eat!) Before the pandemic, Pittsburgh’s food scene was celebrated. Now, we’re picking up where we left off. Con Alma was named one of the 27 best bars in America by Esquire magazine. The best restaurants in Pittsburgh are as diverse as they are delicious. The newest iteration of the restaurant incubator space from The Galley Group is now open at a reimagined Bakery Square. If you are an amusement park enthusiast, Kennywood’s hosting an international food festival this month. 

If grabbing a drink is your thing, Pittsburgh’s is a top city for beer drinkers, according to SmartAsset. Like we said above, we have one of the best bars in America in Con Alma. We also serve as the home to one of the best beer festivals in the entire country: Barrel & Flow, a celebration of black brewers, artists and entrepreneurs (Barrel & Flow was previously known as FreshFest). 

Summer boredom should not be a problem here in the Pittsburgh region. The menu of outdoor activities is vast: Hiking in mountainous topography, kayaking on the rivers, biking from Point State Park to Washington, D.C., and enjoying art on the streets during the Three Rivers Arts Festival will invigorate your adventurous soul that may have gone dormant over the past 15 months. 

This is just a sampling, and there is much more to offer in the Pittsburgh region. Our friends at Visit Pittsburgh offer many details and ideas. Check it out and make plans or just venture without one.