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Pittsburgh has an edge on what’s next because the people here have embodied the qualities that prioritize “next is now.” We work with people and companies from around the world to meet their business and personal needs as they work through their decision process (no matter what stage) on where to live and do business. And when they’re ready to decide to come to the region permanently, we are there to help soften the landing and continue to help them adapt and grow.

Our Focus Areas

BUSiness Growth & Attraction
  • We leverage regional assets across high-investment sectors [energy, health, life sciences, creative] to catalyze interest and local job growth.
  • We position the region as the location of choice for fast-growing, deep-tech, research-driven investments [robotics, IOT, AI, cyber, mobility].
  • We promote the region’s industrial, logistics, and production workforce capabilities to attract advanced manufacturing, with a focus on downstream opportunities and foreign direct investment.
Talent Growth & Attraction
  • We partner with the academic community and trades to develop initiatives to increase the pool of local talent in growth sectors.
  • We develop content and programmatic interventions to equip businesses and employers with the tools to attract new graduates, foreign and diverse talent, and high-demand talent.
  • We attract the leading organizations and companies that cultivate a vibrant, innovative and inclusive environment for professional talent to the region.

What we offer

  • The Competitive Case for Our Region
  • Site Visit Planning & Execution
  • Economic Research & Data
  • Access to Talent Partnerships
  • Development Funding Opportunities

Our Partners

Our vast network of partners offers access to a number of services. Get in touch with us today and we can connect you to the right person to

  • Real Estate & Sites
  • Funding
  • Talent
  • Local Business Networks

Our Development Network

Allegheny County Economic Development
Lance Chimka, Director

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council
Bob Shark, Executive Director

Lawerence County Economic Development Corporation
Linda Nitch, CEcD, EDFP, Director of Economic Development

Armstrong County Department of Economic Development
Michael P. Coonley, Executive Director

Greene County Industrial Developments, Inc.
Don Chappel, Executive Director

Washington County Chamber of Commerce
Jeff M. Kotula, President

Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development
Lewis Villotti, President

Greene County Department of Economic Development
Richard Cleveland, Executive Director

Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation
Jason Rigone, Executive Director

Community Development Corporation of Butler County
Joseph Saeler, Executive Director

Indiana County Center for Economic Operations
Byron Stauffer, Jr., Executive Director

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Greg Flisram, Executive Director

Additional Key Partners

Catalyst Connection
Petra Mitchell, President & CEO

Pittsburgh International Airport
David Storer, Director, Business Development

Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC)
Donald Smith, Jr., PhD, President

Governor’s Action Team
Eric Bitar, Regional Director

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
James Jordan, President

Jerad Bachar, President & CEO

Innovation Works
Rich Lunak, President & CEO

Pittsburgh Technology Council
Audrey Russo, President & CEO

Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)
Vincent Valdes, Executive Director – President & CEO

We’re Here to Help

Reach out to PRA team member below who is point person for your interest(s).

Mark Anthony Thomas

President, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

412-392-4555 x3109

Kyle Chintalapalli

Vice President, Business & Economic Development

Tech & Robotics
412-392-4555 x4510

Mike Henderson

Senior Director, Business Investment

Advanced Manufacturing & Financial and Business Services
412-392-4555 x4536 | m: 412-527-7372

Patty Horvatich

Vice President, Business Investment

Energy & Healthcare and Life Sciences
412-392-4555 x4543 | m: 412-491-2489

Linda Topoleski

Vice President, Talent Strategy & Programs

Talent Attraction & Retention
412-392-4555 x3116

Alison Treaster

Senior Director, Talent

412-392-4783 x1035

Deb Harshaw


412-392-4783 x4539

Camille Jonlin

Project Fellow

412-281-4783 x1025

Behind Pittsburgh Region

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA), an affiliate of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, is a 10-county Pittsburgh region economic development partnership that advances Pittsburgh’s economy and attracts strategic investment opportunities.

Make sure you are a part of what is next in Pittsburgh!