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Shovels in the ground for new tower

Last week, stakeholders in Pittsburgh broke ground on the FNB Financial Center, a 26-story mixed-use tower that will serve as F.N.B. Corporation’s HQ and as an anchor in the estimated $1 billion redevelopment of the 28-acre site in Pittsburgh’s historic Lower Hill neighborhood, adjacent to Downtown Pittsburgh. The tower will contain more than 475,000 square feet of Class A office space.

This is a significant milestone in the development of the 28-acres site, which is being spearheaded by the Pittsburgh Penguins and master developer Buccini/Pollin Group. Following the start of construction on the tower, work will begin on a live music venue, parking and housing. Not only does this tower project to create 1,250 construction jobs, 2,000 permanent jobs and over $40 million in investments in the neighborhood, but it also will meaningfully extend and connect Downtown Pittsburgh and the Hill neighborhood.

Much, much more is planned and underway for the development site, which is a significant opportunity not just in Pittsburgh, but in the entire U.S.

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Celebrating 20 years, RE2 has been in Pittsburgh from the beginning of the robotics revolution

How do cities and regions gain a reputation as a world leader in robotics?

Cities and regions gain these reputations from founders developing companies from startups to established enterprises over long periods of time, and from these founders staying in the places where they began their companies. When it happens in bulk, the reputation grows. The funding follows. And a global hub of excellence is established.

RE2 is one of these companies in Pittsburgh. Jorgen Pederson founded the company 20 years ago. He stayed in the city for the robotics talent and research and because of the ability to grow a company in an encouraging environment. The robotics culture and the company work in tandem to develop each other, a symbiosis seen in many other organizations, too.

Read more from Jorgen on RE2’s story from its founding in 2001 to today.

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“[Motional] is one of the great companies that is contributing to Pittsburgh’s reputation as a global center of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and robotics.”

Don Smith, President, RIDC
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Ground broken on a 26-story building