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Capitalizing on the $1 trillion opportunity in autonomous mobile systems

The autonomous mobile system market is predicted to grow globally to $1 trillion by 2026. (We will repeat and emphasize that for effect: trillion, with a “t.”

The benefits for a region that captures even just 1% of this market include a whopping 5,000 jobs and a $10 billion impact. Gain a larger percentage share of that market and…well, you know math. 

Pittsburgh is already a global hub for the industry with companies like Aurora, Carnegie Robotics, Motional and Seegrid and universities like Carnegie Mellon University putting the region, which is second only to Detroit-Ann Arbor in market leader concentration in the U.S., on the map.

How does a region capture that 1% and more? What will that do to a regional and state economy? In a global competition, what will capturing a bigger percentage of the market do for a country?

With the release of a nine-month study lead by the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, and industry and regional partners, there are answers for the Pittsburgh region to capture a portion of the projected growth in the autonomous mobile systems industry in the form of defined pathways and strategies. Check it out.

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Aurora names Pittsburgh as corporate HQ

Since the early days, Aurora has had a strong presence in Pittsburgh. As part of the organization’s commitment to continuing to grow in the region, it named Pittsburgh as its official corporate headquarters last week.

To mark this moment, Aurora donated $65,000 to fund STEM-related requests from Pittsburgh teachers via DonorsChoose – a way to support future generations of technologists as they start the new school year.

“With its incredible universities and focus on innovation, Pittsburgh has been home to Aurora since we were founded and we’re committed to continued growth right here in this community. With a firm belief in the future of this city and its workforce, we’re excited to have our corporate headquarters here and be making a donation that will help fund the city’s next generation of technologists and roboticists,” shared Aurora VP of Government Relations Gerardo Interiano.

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  • The White House kicks off a newly established U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council
  • 4th largest fund in the region raising $240 million
  • You asked for it: In our poll last week, many of you said you wanted to learn more about the 28 acres development. You can find more here.


“Pittsburgh has been home to Aurora since we were founded and we’re committed to continued growth right here in this community..”

Gerardo Interiano, VP of Government Relations, Aurora
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Aurora commits & the $1 trillion opportunity